Kirby Super Star Ultra ROM

When you find yourself living in a fast developing world, where you usually can’t find time for yourself, having a break for yourself can significantly help your mental health. It assures that you’re able to unleash those held back energy that develops after having a busy schedule at work. But when you play Kirby Super Star Ultra, it eliminates your stress most especially if you also download a Kirby Super Star Ultra ROM.


Download Kirby Super Star Ultra ROM

Who Is Kirby?

Kirby is an adorable puffy pink character and has been a subject of many different Nintendo games. This installment has become an addition to the game’s legacy.

Instead of having one unified storyline, the game is filled with different adventures that are waiting for you to tackle on with your puffy pink character. Kirby is also packed with a few necessary abilities such as running, floating, and fighting enemies.

The time where the game gets interesting is when you see Kirby’s special ability to inhale and spit out its enemies in the shape of stars. However, it can only use its special ability after clearing off the enemies superpowers. The superpowers are after transferred to your character which gives you a better chance to slay your enemies.

What Are Its Features?

The game’s characteristic is what makes it a perfect example of classic games. Having the ability to enjoy playing the game with your family and friends, and simple gameplay are already enough to give you tons of fun and excitement while playing the game.

-screen controlled mini-series.

To also make sure that you will stick to the game for several years, the makers of the game also played the game. Each various modes and levels in the game are guaranteed to be different from the old version.


Download kirby super star ultra rom

Kirby Super Star Ultra ROM Download

To answer the question, all that you need to do is simply download this ROM file. This allows the game to be compatible with your device. It also makes the device perform well by making the most out of the game’s blurry graphics.

But you need to make sure that you are using a reliable site if you want to download the ROM file. That’s because there are tons of different sites today that claims to give you with the similar service. Not all sites are secured. Today, thousands of hackers and malware are fast growing, so you need always to be cautious when you deal with third-party websites. You can use virus scanners to double check if a site is either a fake or not, or you can read user reviews.

The Verdict

You won’t feel any regret if you download and play the game’s ROM file version. It’s a classic game that gives you a chance to witness Nintendo’s golden period while you re-experience your childhood days.

All You Need To Know About The Kirby Super Star Ultra ROM

Kirby Super Star Ultra, known as the 3rd game that was released exclusively for Nintendo DS, is Nintendo’s remake of its 1996 SNES platform game called Kirby Super Star. The remake includes all the games that were present in the first version but comes with a lot of new modes and sub-games. Some of the game’s new features are the 3D FMV cutscenes for all levels, features more bosses, improved visuals, and revamps its gameplay in its unique ways.


Download Kirby Super Star Ultra ROM

Kirby’s Abilities

Eating enemies is one of Kirby’s abilities. Aside from spitting out its enemies as projectiles, it also consumes them and steals their abilities but in exchange for no longer having the ability to consume more foes. Also, you can make your own “helper” using your abilities, and play in Co-Op mode if you have access to two controllers.

There are two kinds of abilities:

Regular Abilities

  • Regular abilities are commonly acquired by eating enemies.
  • Your character can create its helper, who appears to look the same with the consumed enemy.
  • You can use your character’s attacks as much as you want to.

Special abilities

  • Special abilities are acquired by eating special foes, eating mini-bosses, ability dispensers, or from gadgets of a few bosses.
  • Your character cannot create a helper from special abilities except Copy.
  • Kirby can only use this type of ability once unleashing a few special power and leaves Kirby with no abilities.

Download kirby super star ultra rom

Nintendo DS Exclusive Modes

There are four exclusive modes of the DS remake:

Revenge Of The King

The evil King Dedede is planning revenge against Kirby for defeating him before in Spring Breeze. This is a remake of the game’s Extra Mode in Kirby’s Dream Land, which now features a brand new stage along with a new final stage with you fighting against King Dedede that’s equipped with a mask and a hammer.

Meta Knightmare Ultra

This mode allows you to play the whole game as a Meta Knight. In this mode, Meta Knight keeps most of his abilities from the Revenge of Meta Knight, but in a weird style. There are also some abilities that you can use to attack enemies using his sword, and that can be done by simply touching your character on your device’s screen.

This also records your best time for every run of every game you have played in this mode. The game features different changes to few modes, like blocking the access to several rooms, and with a new plot. The ending of this mode shows Meta Knight making a wish to Nova to be able to fight against Gamble Galaxy’s strongest warrior.


Download kirby super star ultra rom

Helper to Hero

the cutscene that shows the very first cutscenes taken from the Kirby Super Star.

The True Arena

This mode is a harder endurance mode because if features all bosses that are seen in the Revenge of the King. Four new bosses will act as the final four, and they are Wham Bam Jewel, Masked Dedede, Galacta Knight, and Revenge of Marx. These four are evil, dreadful and powerful Marx Soul bosses. If you beat the True Arena, it will unlock the #34 Special Edition Blooper Reel located in the game’s Theater, which features some twists with funny cut scenes that were previously-seen before True Arena is accessible.


The Sub-Games


Kirby Card Swipe

This sub-game is likely based on a certain Japanese card game known as Karuta. It will test your reflexes. There will be several cards on your screen, each of them will be shown to you, and your goal is to correctly tap a matching card that appears on top of your screen. You will be disqualified if you tap too early, so it’s better to wait for the card until it’s shown.

Kirby on the Draw

Snack Tracks

This frantic sub-game is where you will sit at the lower part of a conveyor belt, and your goal will be to eat as many foods as you can. There will be items that will start dropping on your screen, so you need to always look on top of your screen. However, those items will come with bombs, and tapping these bombs will toss them into a different lane.

There will also be “Bug Sand Rocks,” but your character can’t easily digest them, so what you need to do is to tap them to remove them from the lane before they can reach your character’s mouth. Lanes will change halfway in the game to give you some challenge and to keep your character on its toes.


Kirby Super Star Ultra also features a “Theater” mode that’s located on the selection menu. It consists of several unlockable movies and can be viewed anytime you want. These movies are usually the cut scenes that you have previously-seen in sub-games, but there are also some that are only found in the Theater option.

Download Kirby Super Star Ultra ROM